New Worlds


Aspa, GM of the mages. She wants to rule the world with her guild ;).
She is a true friend   and one of the most trustworthy people I know.
With her sharp mind and her knowledge of human nature she shows
true leadership ability. I appreciate her advices and I'm proud to
call her my friend.

Louryl, my lovable guildmate. Louryl has a great spirit and a sharp mind.

Garxer, my brother in mind the The Chosen One. Garxer, the mage who is
always joking and kidding but he can be very serious when he is defending
Aspa and his friends.

Sahar, strong fighter and loyal friend. Sahar and Hagen know each other
for a long time now and they have help each other several times.

Rylee, Druidic Priestess. Rylee is a kind, warmhearted and helpful woman.
With her friendly nature she captures the hearts of the people around her.
She is a close friend who is always there when you ask for help and I appreciate
that she is around.

Nakine, member of the rogues and a close friend.  She is a free spirit.
I enjoy her company. Spending time with her is a challenge.
(That's a compliment.)

Cynna, the Elven Druidess. She is a close friend, trustworthy and
honest. There is always excitement around her. She is like
a dancing flame.


Eden, High Priestess of Waylumi. She has a charming nature, is kind
and has a contagious laugh. She looks young but nevertheless she
sounds wise when she talks about her religion and her beliefs.

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